How to Save Money Tips: 60 No-Spend Things to Do (With Actionable Ideas)

One of the easiest way to free up money for investing is to spend more of your time doing activities that don’t cost any money. To help you get started we have put together 60 awesome activities with actionable ideas.

If you can replace just one or two regular habits that you spend the most money with then you will be on your way to saving regularly.

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60 No Spend Things to Do to Save Money
60 No Spend Things to Do to Save Money

Get Moving

1. Hiking

I love hiking, it exercises your body and your mind, and nourishes your imagination. Save some cash and tick off something from your bucket list.

2. Bike riding

Bo matter how long it’s been since I rode a bike you still know how to do it! Pick a beautiful path through the country and soak up the serenity.

3. Hit the beach

If it’s summer you can have loads of fun down on the beach. I’m not talking about boring tanning or swimming, checkout this list of FREE things to do at the beach like: becoming a sand mermaid, make a sundial, do some beach art, fly a kite, stack pebbles and more!

4. Go fishing

Fishing is a great way to pretend to be doing something while actually doing nothing. It sounds like a joke but there are few other things in our stressful.. always connected lives where you can just enjoy some quiet time with nature and maybe even catch your dinner. Sharing a fishing experience can also help strengthen relationships with family and friends.

5. Build a sandcastle

Have you ever been to the beach and someone has built an truely impressive sand castle. With a little creativity you can build your own castle and pay nothing. Look around your house, craft box, kitchen draws and garage work bench to find tools. Follow this infographic and build your own masterpiece.

6. Build a fire

Grab a tin of petrol and a match. No wait, forget I said that. How about rubbing some sticks together.

7. Go camping

Find a beautiful location and get back to nature. If you get that fire started here’s 10 fun games you can play around the campfire.

8. Go to a park

Find a local park to play or relax:

9. Have a picnic

Food is better in nature. Find a beautiful spot and bring a meal, easy.

10. Attend free events

There are usually some fun free music or entertainments events going on if you do a bit of searching.

11. Gardening

Working with your hands and being able to appreciate your efforts can be very rewarding.

12. Do yoga

Improve your flexibility. Grab a mat and start with a few beginner poses.

13. Do a workout

Do this total body home workout. No equipment required.

14. Go for a walk/run

Work on your cardio with a walk or run.

15. Plank

Build your core with a plank and other core workouts.


16. Play with your kids

All kids want is for you to spend time with them. Enjoy it while you can, in a few years they won’t want to be seen within 50m of you!

17. Host a pot luck

Get some friends around a share a few meals together.

18. Call a friend

Get on the phone and re-live those glory days.

19. Make a gift

Gifts you make yourself are unique and people appreciate them more.

20. Volunteer

Volunteering makes your feel good and helps someone else.

21. Visit a nursing home

If you go and spend some time with people in nursing homes you might hear some wonderful stories from people and have lived long and interesting lives. These links have some useful volunteering information:

22. Host a clothing swap

You’ve got loads of clothes you don’t wear. Why not swap them?

23. Do a good deed for someone

It makes you feel good and they get something done for them.

Nurture Yourself

24. Read a book

Live vicariously though someone else with a good book.

25. Drink a hot tea

There is an art to making and drinking tea.

26. Take a bubble bath

Cuteness alert.

27. Wash your hair

Stylecraze has 10 of the best hair wash tips.

28. Read a magazine

The trashier the better.

29. Take a nap

These guys know what it’s all about.

30. Sit in the sun

Here’s a piglet in a sun lounger, I rest my case.

31. Play with an animal

Animals love to play so why not make some time for them.

32. Sing/listen to music

Music is nourishment for the soul. If you’re tone deaf then stick to listing to some of the top charts.

33. Visit a spiritual place

Spiritual places nourish your soul.

34. Meditate

Learn to relax and change patterns of thinking. Meditation & breathing techniques can help with that.

35. Practice mindfulness

Often our patterns of thinking influence our lives in negative ways. Learn and practice mindfulness to improve emotional health and wellbeing.

36. Start a gratitude journal

Start noticing how lucky you are.

Use Your Brain

37. Make lists (meals, budget, savings)

If you want to get organised then Kayse Pratt has got a list of lists.

38. Play sudoku

Make sudoku part of your daily routine and keep the cobwebs out of your brain.

39. Do a crossword puzzle

For a more traditional puzzle why not do a few crosswords?

40. Make some gifts

Not free but much cheaper that buying something and truely appreciated.

41. Do a course

Whether you’re interested in programming, graphic design, speech writing, or conflict resolution, there a class for you.

42. Learn a language

Did you know that you could be fluent in a new language in a little as three months. Benny has alot of great tips on his blog and can help you overcome the barriers holding you back.

43. Learn self improvement ideas

Focus some time on improving yourself and many areas of your life will improve. Two of the best are Eric Barker & James Clear.

44. Search Google for “free things to do in your city”

There’s lots to do where you live, why don’t you let me Google that for you.

45. Do brain training

Brain training can be fun and can improve your cognitive abilities. Two of the best are Luminosity and BrainHQ.

46. Learn to tie knots

Knots can assist you in many areas of your life.

Get Creative

47. Take photographs

Express your creativity or capture a moment.

48. Draw or paint

Drawing is the foundation of all art.

49. Write a story, poetry or blog

Instead of consuming content why not create some yourself.

50. Play an instrument

With the right guidance learning an instrument can be fun.

51. Invent something

Follow these steps and you can invent something yourself.

52. Decorate your house

53. Knit/sew/crochet

People of all ages know how to knit, sew & crochet.

54. Do a craft project

Get crafty.

55. Visit an art museum

If you have a local art gallery or museum then make sure you check it out.

56. Go to an outdoor movie/concert

There are always events on, especially in summer.

57. Doodle

Doodles can be quick and simple and silly.

58. Declutter

Everyone has a little junk around the house. Some people have a little more that a little! This guide to reducing clutter will help you get it under control.

59. Decorate your house

Decorating your house doesn’t need to be expensive. The broke person’s guide to decorating and 24 creative ways to decorate should get you started.

60. Paint some furniture

Spruce up some tired old furniture.

61. Cook a new meal

Get some inspiration.

That should be enough to keep you busy saving money for a while! What about you, what are the things that you can suggest that are good to do that don’t cost any money.

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